Châle (pronounced as 'shall') celebrates the intimacy, mesmerizing beauty and elegant drape of shawls, scarves and pashminas.

Practical and timeless style meets luxurious chic at Châle. Beautiful, both in style and function, Châle’s wraps have become synonymous with quality and exclusivity.

Indulge in its soft and effortlessly chic shawls. It’s the ultimate accessory, whether you're out on the town or just lounging around on the weekends. It is every season’s must-have fashion item that suits every occasion.

Châle’s fabulous wraps can be worn in a variety of ways. Throw a vibrant scarf around your neck for a casual look, or drape a tassel shawl over the shoulders for a touch of elegance. Made of the finest natural blends, each wrap adds a dose of everyday splendour to any outfit.


"Fashion fades, style is eternal"

Quality Assurance Policy

Never veering from the path of simple elegance, the Châle collection continually evolves with new colours, fabrics and styles.

The vast majority of Châle’s wraps comprise of blends made from Silk, Cotton, Wool, Linen, Alpaca, Pashmina and Cashmere (all natural fibres), with an aversion to the manmade variety such as viscose and polyester.

With a passion for uncompromising quality, consumers can be rest assured that the Châle label is stitched only onto the finest quality scarves and shawls.